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“The AquaPur Bottle is perfect for hiking! I brought it with me on a camping trip two weeks ago. Before our treks, we were literally discussing who would refill it first. Didn't have to search for clean water sources once.”

Taylor L.


“I am obsessed with my AquaPur Bottle and do not leave my house without it! This is the easiest and best water purifier I have ever used.”

Emma T.

New York

“The AquaPur Bottle is a life-saver. Purifies AND filters my water while being incredibly compact. Only takes 2-3 minutes and works like a charm... highly recommend!”

Carol B.


“The AquaClean Brush works so well and has refreshed all of my water bottles (from looking cloudy to crystal clear). I love that it is cordless and super easy to use!”

Molly A.


“I am so happy with my bundle purchase! Both the AquaPur Bottle and AquaClean Brush have been a life savior for my hydration needs. The best duo!”

Maeve C.

San Fransisco